TEPY.PL started on 2011 by the user who You may know as "Zaki", who decided to extend his long-time interest in football boots to something, that back then was meant to be done for fun and just an addition to a hobby. Even back then, with a MS paint-like layout "TEPY" were the only Polish website focusing on the subject of football equipment. Time passed and with that it started to grow, both content and quality wise. We can't also forget that at one point we started to write not only about cleats but also balls, shinpads, etc. and added some new channels. You may know our facebook fanpage, YouTube channel, Instagram profile or the owner's blog - zakisite.pl

From the time perspective we see, that though our passion was always big, quality of the job, especially the reviews that are our biggest pride started to get better. Today we can't look at our first articles about the boots of our founder. The best thing to do would be rewriting them, but on the other hand the sentiment tells us to leave them to have something to look back on. Then we see what a long road it has been.

Today TEPY.PL are still Poland's biggest football boots website. Every day we give You informations about new colorways, unreleased models and professional tests. We play a noticeable, and growing role in the worldwide cleats stage. Our reviews are the biggest and most accurate ones, we are the authors of more and more leaks of the newest football boots models, what is admired by the community co matter what country are You reading us from.  

During over three years of existence we gathered a nice group of readers, that we see as our friends and partners. We create a platform to talk about our beloved passion. Not once we gave them the voice in importation matters, there are also many of You that we meet in real world.

We hope, that visiting TEPY.PL You will find what You were looking for and we will be able to pass our hobby, which is being a football-boot freak!:)